Professional Services

In Foong Sun, we understand that time efficiency is crucial and the resulting cost-saving for our clients can be massive. Therefore, our personnel will be available for you 24/7 to ensure fast turnaround. For instance, for bunker call, we will coordinate with bunker supplier 24 hours before vessel arrival and update you from time-to-time. In addition, we will confirm and inform you the barge details 6 hours before vessel arrival. Our highly efficient reporting system for all vessels movement and events will keep you informed faster than other agencies.

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for us and we strike to provide the best services consistently. We do not position ourselves as multinational companies which are complacent. Instead, we value your appointment and promise to be attentive to all your vessel’s call.

There might be unexpected situations affecting the vessels happening on the vessels, in ports and out ports of Singapore, i.e. oil spills, crew related matters like urgent disembarkation of crews and collisions. They might result in consequences like extra expenses from charter hire and demurrage or even lawsuits.

However, you can rest assured with Foong Sun Shipping’s Emergency Response Procedures and Stakeholders as below;